Right ole hippies…

This is a cow. Cows eat Straw Bale Houses. Your home is not safe if you own a Cow. Be like Justin. Don't buy a Cow.

This is a cow.
Cows eat Straw Bale Houses.
Your home is not safe if you own a Cow.
Be like Justin.
Don’t buy a Cow.

Those Dyson’s are bloody brilliant! Until they’re about three months old. Then when you get a blockage it’s overalls-on, and half-a-day dismantling to rod out the rabbit warrens …and clean all meeting-surfaces with a toothpick on re-assembly. I can see the blockage because everything on it is see-through …like one of those Ant Farms. But I can’t get to it. Fortunately I’ve got a broom.

Linda and I are leaving our luxury accommodation tomorrow. Because we’re so disorganised we don’t know where we’re going next. My Mum’s gone to Spain for a few weeks so I asked her if we could stay there but she said ‘No’. She’s afraid we’ll disturb the cats. ‘You know what I’m like about my cats,’ she said; ‘they’re like children to me’. My mother doesn’t have a sense of irony.

We’ve been looking for an old caravan. You get to meet a lot of dodgy people when you’re buying a Caravan, bottom-end. One bloke let us into his caravan by banging a screwdriver into the lock. He’d got two stories about how it came to be in his possession and he kept forgetting which one he’d told us. As bits came off in our hands he was full of re-assurance: ‘You won’t need that bit, anyway.’

Have you got any experience of Yurts? We were thinking one of those might suit us? Are they like wedding marquee’s – all very well on the big day but you’d have to be a right old hippie to live in one? You probably think we are a couple of old hippies, me and Linda. they say you’re always the last to know.

I was going to tell you I don’t know when I’ll be able to write the next instalment of this blog – now we’re going to be living in a Yurt – but god knows you’re used to that by now. Tell you what come and visit us in our Yurt -that way you can get all the latest news – don’t forget to bring a handful of sawdust for the composting loo.

Im getting quite into this yurt idea – get in touch if you happen to be flogging one …or failing that a caravan that you can get into without a screwdriver.

Here, for no good reason, is a photo of a wood in Cornwall in Springtime. Because it’s cheerful, and fills me with hope.

Spring is just around the corner.

Spring is just around the corner.


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3 Responses to Right ole hippies…

  1. Nice to see the blog has appeared again. Ours is updated now although the latter part of the content may have got me into trouble with Caroline. I’ll find out how serious when she gets back tomorrow. We still intend to settle somewhere in the West Country when we get back but it has to be said that the climate is preferable in the West Indies – except those nasty hurricanes but we’ve avoided those so far. Fishing is interesting here too – check out the blog for my biggest fish ever!

    Is Caol Isla no longer habitable? Or is there nowhere to moor her nearby? I guess even Exmouth is a fair old trip. Maybe you could get her airlifted onto Wimbleball – IIRC the fishing was good when I was down that way, although on my windy first visit all I hooked was the back of my own neck.

    If you want some interior design ideas for a yurt have a look at http://meonsprings.com/yurts
    They are a farm who have diversified into all sorts (including a trout fishery and storage units which is how we know them). Maybe they have some old yurts stashed away in a barn. How about this for an idea? I once made a seagoing lab out of a shipping container – not pretty but they keep the weather out. Moving house would be pretty straightforward too. Keep smiling – as you say, spring is on the way!

  2. Really enjoyed your first two books, Justin. Looking forward to the next one (s). Meantime I shall be working my way backwards through the blogs and recommending your work when and where I can.

    • justintyers says:

      Hi Samantha,

      I’ve been remote from the real world for months, living in a caravan – just me Linda and the condensation – so that I didn’t spot your feedback until this very minute. Sorry for the delay, thanks very much for the encouragement and for recommending my books to discerning reader among your friends. It’s great to hear from you, and between me and you I hope to be a bit more diligent about posting stuff here from now – broadband arrived a few days ago to the plot where we are building a straw bale house …so I’m back in reality.


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